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Grants and Scholarships

2017 James S. Rollins Slavery Atonement Endowment Research Award, Black Studies at the University of Missouri


2017 Professional Presentation Travel Award


2017 Wilcher Endowment Travel Fellowship


2016 AHA Council Annual Meeting Travel Grants, American Historical Association


2016 Torrey M. Johnson, Sr. Scholarship Fund, Billy Graham Center for Evangelism

2015-2016  Department of History Dissertation Fellowship, University of Missouri


2014  Ruth Viles Memorial Scholarship, University of Missouri


2014  Allen Cook White, Jr. History Scholarship, University of Missouri


2011 Graduate School Supplemental Graduate Fellowship, University of Missouri 


2010 Frederick W. and Bernice S. Bush Scholarship, Fuller Theological Seminary


2010 Charles E. Fuller Scholarship, Fuller Theological Seminary


2009 Charles E. Fuller Scholarship, Fuller Theological Seminary


Teaching Awards

2019  Teaching Bright Spots, Stephen F. Austin State University 

2015-2016  Donald K. Anderson Graduate Teaching Assistant Award - University of Missouri

2015  Professor of the Year, ROAR Awards - University of Missouri


2014-2015  Distinguished Teaching Award Finalist - Stephens College


February 2015  Honorary Coach for University of Missouri Men’s Basketball Team


January 2014  Honorary Coach for University of Missouri Gymnastics Team


Spring 2013    T.A. Choice Award


Fall 2012    T.A. Choice Award


Spring 2012    T.A. Choice Award


Fall 2011    T.A. Choice Award Nominee


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